Why a German Husband? heart

Marriage involves a lifelong commitment, and the choice of a husband can either make or break a woman. Having said this, it is extremely important for women to use critical thinking and deep reflection when choosing a life partner.

I am of the belief that perfect partners do not exist, but great partners do. European men, particularly German men, for example, make great husbands. I do not box them within an exclusive racial stereotype, but their collective behaviors are, often, anchored on demographic and cultural considerations. And, as someone married to a German, I can personally attest that they possess endearing qualities that make them ideal partners in life.

Below are some reasons why marrying a German man is beyond worth it:

  1. German men are straightforward. They are direct to the point. They say what they mean and mean what they say. There is no room for misinterpretation or misconception. Their way of communication should be met with open-mindedness.
  2. German men are punctual. They value and respect others’ time. They are neither early nor late, but always on the dot.
  3. Germans are honest and trustworthy. It is ingrained in their culture to always act with prudence and show honesty and good faith, both in their personal and professional life.
  4. German men are practical. They are not into grand gestures or lavish displays of love. They often show their love and devotion in pragmatic and useful ways.
  5. German men are organized. Expect rows of labeled folders where documents are neatly and meticulously filed and categorized.
  6. German men are loyal and family oriented. They have high morals and are less likely to cheat. They prioritize the well-being of their loved ones.
  7. German men are kind and affectionate. They love to show, whether in deliberate or subtle ways, their love and affection for their spouse.
  8. German men are reliable and responsible. They take their role, whether at home or at work, seriously and conscientiously.
  9. German men are great planners and advanced thinkers. They always plan and prepare in advance. They take intentional steps to secure the future of their family.
  10. German men are adventurous. They love to go on holidays and ensure work-life balance is practiced within the family.
  11. German men are environment conscious. They genuinely care for the environment and follow environmental regulations.
  12. German men are frugal and are good money managers. They don’t waste their money on expenditures that do not warrant a return of their investment. They are humble and do not like to show off their resources or capabilities.

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